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February 1-28, 2019
All of Laurin’s novels are on sale in ebook format
at Amazon.com for .99 each!*

Don’t miss all of my stories of strong women
and the Highlanders who fall in love with them!

And new prequel novella!


If you love medieval romance and magical realism, I invite you to enter the world of my Guardians of the Targe trilogy: Highlander Betrayed, Highlander Avenged, & Highlander Redeemed.

Three romantic stories of medieval Scotland, woven together. Three cousins, each with a magical gift to be discovered. Three men, destined to find purpose and love. Only together can they step into their shared destiny: protecting their country, their people, and the relic that binds their gifts, and their hearts, together.

Plus the new prequel, MacAlpin’s Heart, the story of Kenneth and Elspet’s courtship that began this sweeping, mystical, romantic saga!

Get the trilogy at: Amazon.com*

Get the prequel at:   Amazon.com | Barnes&Noble | Kobo | iBooks


The Legacy of MacLeod Duet: Charming the Shrew & Daring the Highlander (Amazon only)

The Kilmartin Glen Stories: The Devil of Kilmartin & MacAlister’s Hope (novella)
The Devil of KilmartinAmazon.com | Barnes&Noble | Kobo | iBooks (different cover at iBooks)
MacAlister’s Hope: Amazon.com | Barnes&Noble | Kobo | iBooks (different cover at iBooks)

*Most of my novels are published by Montlake Romance, an imprint of Amazon Publishing, and thus the ebooks are only carried at Amazon. The exceptions are The Devil of Kilmartin (novel) and my two novellas, MacAlister’s Hope (sequel to The Devil of Kilmartin) and MacAlpin’s Heart (prequel to the Guardians of the Targe trilogy). These are widely available and links are provided.