A Third MacLeod Book?

I’m getting a lot of requests for a third The Legacy of MacLeod book which I’d love to provide, but since I never planned for this to be a series I didn’t set the stories up with an obvious third character to give a happily ever after to. If you’ve read either Charming the Shrew or Daring the Highlander (or both!) who would you like to see as the hero or heroine of a third MacLeod book?

Leave a suggestion in the comments. More than one answer is fine!

No spoilers, please!



11 thoughts on “A Third MacLeod Book?

  1. Isobel is who I would really like to see be the heroine of the third book. There is a good start to her character in the first book. I’d like to see if she found out who Cat really is, etc.

    • This is easy! Gofraig should be the hero. He returns to the MacDonnels and is made clan chief (Duff has no sons). The MacDonnels have no food or money but need to get through the winter; somehow the king sets him up to marry Isobel for her trocher but (possibly) this is not a marriage that she wants…you can work out a marriage that turns into a love match over the winter and spring. We can see more of Isobel and her friendship with Cat, we can see how Cat is settling into marriage and we can also get picture of how things are doing at Assynt (surely Ailig has a new loom built as a wedding present for Morainn once the snow is melted).

  2. Oh, good idea! I loved writing Isobel and had originally planned to have her and Ailig get together, but Morainn was having none of that. :-) Hmm, I’ll have to think on that one! Thanks!


    • Roxlyn,

      I was just talking about the sheep with my daughter last night! We had the same thought. Hmm, there are three of them and they do need redemption. :-)

      Thanks for the suggestion!!


  3. I love both the suggestions above too. I think it might be fun also to go into the future a bit and follow some of Tayg and Cat’s children.

  4. What about the sheep with Dolag or Isobel? Either would be good. Or have Ailligs commander and Isobel. The sheep would be interesting especially if they changed and became separatd. Looking forward to hopefully a new book. Or you could incorporate a character from The Devil of Kilmarten?

  5. Okay so I just stumbled on to the first book on Tuesday, just about finished, and getting excited about the next one. So, my opinion is based on the fact I havent read the next one but my mind keeps going back to Isobel.