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4/21 – 4/27!


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April 21: RELEASE DAY!!!  Happy Ever After/USA Today kicks us off – an interview with all three of us: Tanya Anne Crosby, Laurin Wittig, & Glynnis Campbell

April 22: Night Owl Reviews – spotlight on The Winter Stone

April 23: Pebble in the Still Waters – Meet Glynnis Campbell, read how we dreamed up The Winter Stone anthology, and a review

April 24: Got Fiction -Meet Laurin Wittig & read an excerpt of MacAlister’s Hope, Laurin’s novella in The Winter Stone

April 25: Miss Ivy’s Book Nook – Meet Tanya Anne Crosby & read an excerpt of Once Upon a Highland Legend, Tanya’s novella in The Winter Stone & a review

April 26: Romance Junkies – Spotlight on The Winter Stone & read an excerpt of The Outcast, Glynnis’s novella in The Winter Stone

April 27: I Would Rather Be Reading - Spotlight on The Winter Stone & a review

And we’re giving away…

Stop by at least one of these blogs to get information about how to enter our THE WINTER STONE BLOG TOUR GIVEAWAY. Each of our novellas connects to one of our existing series and we’re giving away one ebook from those series to one lucky reader.


The Winter Stone – Scottish Medieval Novellas!

The Winter Stone, a collection of three brand new, never before published, Scottish medieval novellas from bestselling authors Tanya Anne Crosby, Glynnis Campbell, and me, is available for preorders at Amazon, Kobo, and iTunes for just .99 (regularly $4.99)! It will also be available at Barnes and Noble for .99 starting on release day, April 21st. The sale price is good for all preorders and one week only after release!


Tanya, Glynnis, and I have been having so much fun planning these novellas. Not only are they all connected to each other with an ancient Celtic legend — the legend of the Winter Stone (Is the stone magic? We leave that up to you to decide!) — but they are also each connected to one of our existing series.


In The Winter Stone you’ll get
three novellas connected to…



♥  Did you love Tanya Anne Crosby’s latest book, HIGHLAND FIRE?
You’ll need to read ONCE UPON A HIGHLAND LEGEND, a Guardians of the Stone novella

Annie McPherson has gone through her entire life a bit lost. She’s about to find herself misplaced in time as well, where she must take her place as a guardian and find a way to restore the faith of a powerful chieftain. Will she win his heart as well?


Devil 1-2014♥ Do you wish I’d written another book to go along with THE DEVIL OF KILMARTIN?
♥♥ You’ll want to read MacALISTER’S HOPEa Kilmartin Glen novella (especially if you loved Wee Fia!)

Kieron MacAlister has always loved Fia MacLachlan, a wee fey lass he met years ago who, with her sweet smile and surprising insight, changed his life. When he comes face-to-face with the beautiful woman she’s grown into, can he convince her to change her life, too?


51WNdTz5HnL._AA160_♥ Can’t get enough of Glynnis Campbell’s CAPTURED BY DESIRE (written as Kira Morgan, and soon to be rereleased!)?
♥♥ You’ll love THE OUTCAST, a Shadow of the Queen novella

Lachlan Mar, a disfigured and broken Scots warrior, doesn’t believe anything can mend the wounds of war until Alisoune Hay, a brilliant and beautiful young lass, stumbles into his cottage and his life, healing his hurt and his heart with the most magical power of all–love. 


Sounds fun, doesn’t it? But here’s the thing –

We need your help getting the word out about this new book!

If you are on Facebook, you can go to my page and share the meme/image you see at the top and the bottom of this blog post (click on it and it will take you to my page) by no later than midnight EST, Sunday, 2/23/14, and you’ll be entered to win an autographed copy of the original paperback edition of The Devil of Kilmartin, the perfect read before or after reading The Winter Stone. :-) International readers, you can enter this, too!

Tanya and Glynnis are also offering one of their signed paperbacks, but you have to share it from each of their pages to be eligible for their gift books. Hurry, each of us has a different deadline but they are all just a few days away at the most!

Not on Facebook or you missed the signed book giveaway? No worries! We’ll be putting up another giveaway on our brand new website very soon. We have a really awesome grand prize lined up, along with three other fun prizes, so stay tuned for the link when it goes live. We’ll be posting the website link on our FB pages, via Twitter, and on our own websites, too, so there will be plenty of places to find us. Even better, if you aren’t already signed up for my newsletter, do that here. That way you’ll never miss news or a contest.

We would be so grateful for any sharing on FB, tweeting, pinning, or just telling your friends about our book! Let me know how you share our news and I’ll give you a shout out on Facebook! You can post on my Facebook page or comment on this post.

Interested yet?

One ancient Scottish legend,
three enchanting brand new novellas
from three beloved authors.
Get your copy now!



Lots of hugs for everyone and thanks so much for your help in spreading the word about The Winter Stone!!!



Five Unforgettable Knights is on sale!

knights_3dDon’t miss Five Unforgettable Knights – a boxed set of five complete novels by five bestselling authors of medieval romances (PLUS a bonus soundtrack).

On sale January 6 – 12, 2014 for just .99!

You get books by Tanya Anne Crosby, Claire Delacroix, Colleen Gleason, Glynnis Campbell, and me, plus a bonus 12-song download, A Little Knight Music, a wonderful medieval-inspired soundtrack by Rich Campbell, bassist for the band America, all for less than a buck – that’s $8 off the regular price!

Order Five Unforgettable Knights on AmazonKoboiTunes, or Barnes and Noble.

Don’t wait! The sale price is only good until January 12th, then the price goes back the the regular $8.99.

Plus, the Five Unforgettable Knights ride off into the sunset on February 1st, 2014, and will no longer be available as a set (individual books will still be available, though!).

Dream Come True – Guest Post by Ceci Giltenan

I’m very happy to welcome Ceci Giltenan to my blog today. I’m also very happy to congratulate her on the publication of her first book, Highland Solution! Check out her gorgeous cover. Publishing is one of those incredibly happy, and incredibly scary times as Ceci shares with us today.


Highland SolutionYears ago I wrote a children’s book (unpublished) with my son, who was eight at the time. In the book a genie granted the proverbial three wishes to a character named Henry who was afraid to accept them. Henry believed that wishes were dangerous things that might have unexpected consequences if granted suddenly. My son and I thought it was funny. Everyone has wishes and dreams; who doesn’t want them to come true? While some dreams are pure fantasy (I doubt that I will ever travel back in time unless I meet a genie), others are real and achievable.

Although I became a nurse and eventually a medical writer, my fondest desire was to write romance. After years of dreaming, I finally did it. Writing the story was like taking a fantasy vacation to medieval Scotland. Better yet it was like being a genie and taking a vacation to medieval Scotland because I could control every detail. There would be no lost luggage unless it forwarded the plot.

Plucking up the courage to seek a publisher was not quite as pleasant. Offering a little piece of yourself to a stranger who can snuff out your dream with a simple “no thank you” or worse, is daunting. To my surprise and delight, Champagne Books offered me a contract last November. Still, I started to get a glimpse of why Henry worried. The work had only just started.

The editing process was challenging but my editor, Diane Badzinski, could not have been more helpful. I learned more than I ever thought possible about crafting a novel from her. I received the cover art in July and the release date was set for September. My dream was finally coming true! After a brief celebration, I realized that I had no clue what came next. This is exactly what Henry was worried about, and now I was worried too. I was offered great advice by other authors but they spoke a language that I didn’t understand. I speak early drug development, what is a blog tour?

Finally, I met Donna MacMeans online and she took pity, explaining the jargon to me and making some concrete suggestions. If I thought I was out of the woods I was mistaken, because those concrete suggestions involved asking people to let me be a guest on their blogs. Not just ordinary people mind you, famous people. Authors who I admire like Laurin Wittig and Sue-Ellen Welfonder whose books I read and love. I was scared spitless. This was much harder than submitting a proposal to a faceless publisher had been. My dream was morphing into a nightmare and Henry was saying “I told you so,” in my head so loudly I could barely focus.

However, fear and courage are brothers and on the cusp of my dream coming true, I could not afford to run and hide. I put on my big girl panties, told Henry to shut up and sent some emails. Thankfully, as it turns out many of these people have kind hearts and were more than willing to help. Hmm, I guess the first clue should have been that they write romances. Don’t get me wrong, everyone doesn’t say yes, and some people don’t even answer, but I have not died of embarrassment yet. I love “happy endings” that is why I love romance novels. However, thanks to Henry, I am learning that even “happy endings” frequently aren’t really the end, but rather the bridge to a new chapter.


Meet Ceci Giltenan

Ceci Giltenan S.Cusack002Ceci’s sixth grade class predicted that she would be an author. “But I want to be a nurse!” she said, in her typically bossy style. As it turns out, she became both. She started her career as an oncology nurse at a leading research hospital, and eventually became a successful medical writer. In 1991 she married a young Irish carpenter who she met at a friend’s wedding. They raised their family in central New Jersey and now with their youngest off to college, Ceci is breaking away from “primary efficacy endpoints” and writing a few “happily ever after’s.”


Highland Solution

Laird Niall MacIan needs Lady Katherine Ruthven’s dowry to relieve his clan’s crushing debt but he has no intention of giving her his heart in the bargain.

Niall MacIan, a Highland laird, desperately needs funds to save his impoverished clan. Lady Katherine Ruthven, a lowland heiress, is rumored to be “unmarriageable” and her uncle hopes to be granted her title and lands when the king sends her to a convent. King David II anxious to strengthen his alliances sees a solution that will give Ruthven the title he wants, and MacIan the money he needs. Laird MacIan will receive Lady Katherine’s hand along with her substantial dowry and her uncle will receive her lands and title.

Lady Katherine must forfeit everything in exchange for a husband who does not want to be married and believes all women to be self-centered and deceitful. Can the lovely and gentle Katherine mend his heart and build a life with him or will he allow the treachery of others to destroy them?

Read an excerpt of Highland Solution at

Highland Solution is available at and other retailers of electronic media.

Follow the author:
Twitter @CeciGiltenan


Thanks, Ceci, for a great look at your publishing journey and I wish you great success with your new book!


Reviews are rolling in for Highlander Betrayed

I am really amazed and stunned by the wonderful reviews for Highlander Betrayed that are showing up at Amazon. Here’s a quote from one of my favorites:

This book is about more [than] the battles that were like a living entity throughout Scottish history, it’s about more than a man and woman falling in love. It’s about finding your strengths, finding your path and finding the one who was meant to walk it with you. No matter how difficult the path might be. It was an enjoyable read and I can honestly say I am looking forward to the next story in Laurin Wittig’s Guardians of the Targe Series.

Shauni (3 stars)

Highlander Betrayed 80pHere’s another one:

This. Book. Was. Fantastic.

I consider myself a fan of this author and have read all of her previous work. HIGHLANDER BETRAYED is yet another in her long string of spellbinding reads. Laurin Wittig carefully weaves her tales of love and romance into a rich tapestry of adventure, bravery, legend and lore. I just love each and every one of them!

Past Romance (5 stars)

I particularly like the way she starts that one. :-)

In this age of on-line book retailing one of the best ways readers can help authors is to leave reviews, and they don’t have to be long. A sentence or two is a great review. The algorithms that often determine if a book gets seen easily on a web site weight for number of reviews – and they don’t seem to care if they are 1 stars or 5 stars (you can imagine authors prefer the latter, though). The more reviews the more likely the book is to be seen. So if you are inclined, leave an honest review.

I hope you’re reading some great books this summer!


Highlander Betrayed ~ Excerpt

Highlander Betrayed 80p“Why cannot everyone leave me alone?” Scotia stomped her foot and the ache in Rowan’s head ratcheted up another notch. “I know what I’m doing.” The ground seemed to tremble with her words and all the birds in the bushes around them took flight. She grabbed Rowan by her upper arms, squeezing hard enough to leave bruises in her wake. “Why?!”

Every hair on Rowan’s body rose with that tremble and an odd pressure pulsed under her skin. A tremendous crack slashed through the air, followed by an ominous rumbling, as if the mountain were speaking to them.

“What is it?!” Scotia gripped her arms even harder, as an unnatural wind pushed down the hillside and over them.

Terror gripped Rowan. As she looked up the hill toward the rumble, a horrible memory she’d buried long ago hurtled at her. “Nay,” she whispered. “Not again.”

Everything went silent in Rowan’s head as the pain reached a crescendo. She wrenched her arms free from her cousin’s grip and squeezed her hands to her scalp, her head feeling as if it was going to split asunder.

Another loud crack, as if the very ground beneath their feet was breaking wide open, though it barely trembled. Rowan looked up just in time to see the curtain wall above them burst, like heavy storm water through a dam, sending blocks of stone and rubble down the steep embankment.

“Run!” a deep male voice shouted at the same moment.

Rowan whipped around in the direction of the voice but didn’t see anyone.

“Run, now!” Suddenly a stranger burst onto the path not far up the hill and hurtled down toward them.

Scotia screamed, “Which way?” but didn’t move.

Rowan grabbed her skirts with one hand and Scotia’s arm with the other and pelted up the path toward the stranger. The path angled back toward the curtain wall but it was the shortest way to safety.

Rowan did not want to think about what would happen to them if they were caught in the avalanche of falling stone.

Scotia shrieked and ripped her arm from Rowan’s grip as they drew even with the stranger. Scotia raced past him leaving Rowan behind as the first pebbles bounced across the path. Rowan glanced up toward the castle as she and the stranger followed Scotia. She could see nothing but a looming wall of grey dust, the sharp scent of it crowding her already straining lungs. The ground shuddered again.

Rocks the size of her fist bounced all around her, clattering against one another with a sound like heavy rain. One of them hit Rowan hard in the shin. She stumbled, nearly losing her footing, but the man running ahead of her seemed to have eyes in the back of his head. He reached back, caught her arm and pulled her upright and forward.

Massive blocks of stone tumbled past them, end over end, some launching high into the air, then falling with deadly thuds all around them. A river of gravel raced down the hillside, adding its din to the tumult while making the path treacherous and slippery. Scotia had disappeared ahead of them and Rowan could only hope she’d already made it to safety.

A sudden sharp catch in Rowan’s side made it even harder to breathe but the man kept a grip on her hand and she had no choice but to keep running.

The dust cloud enveloped them, adding even more difficulty to the uphill run, making breathing more labored, and seeing almost impossible. After a lifetime of coughing and gagging on the dust, the two of them burst out into blinding sunshine where the path finally cleared the corner of the castle. Scotia stood there, bent over at the waist, her hands braced on her thighs, gasping for breath. Rowan fell to the ground, as did the stranger, their sides heaving as the last of the wall gave way, its stones thundering down the hill with a deafening roar, covering the path behind them, destroying everything in the way.

Want to read more? Highlander Betrayed, book 1 in my brand new Guardians of the Targe series, is now available in ebook, paperback, and audio at Amazon.

Workspace Wednesday…on Thursday

My friend and fellow Montlake Romance author, Norah Wilson, featured me on her Workspace Wednesday blog yesterday. If you’d like to get a peek at my writing space and find out where I really write my books please pop over to Norah’s blog. Leave a comment and you’ll be in the running for one of two advance reader copies of Highlander Betrayed (Guardians of the Targe Book 1)
and you’ll discover another way to be eligible for a copy. ;-) Winners will be chosen randomly from all commenters on Saturday.

Highlander Betrayed will release in 12 days (yes, I’m counting!) when it will be available for Kindle, in paperback, in audiobook, and available to Prime Kindle owners in the lending library. I can’t wait and I hope you can’t either!

Have a great day!


Celebrating my book release a little early!

I’ve got a few things going on running up to the release of Highlander Betrayed on Aug 6th so please join me for some fun and book giveaways!

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May 18th noon – 10 PM

Join me and fellow authors Carmen Caine, Tarah Scott, Kay Springsteen Tate, and Suzan Tisdale for our Newest and Best in Historical Romance Bash on Facebook. We’ll be giving away books, posting excerpts from our newest books, chatting and generally having a grand time. Please stop by so you can be entered for a prize!


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June – yes, the entire month of June!

Join me and a bazzilion other authors over at The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads Party where they will be hosting games, giveaways, and you can chat with some of your favorite authors (who, moi?). So slip on your flip-flops and bring your favorite beach chair and settle in for a great party while you make your summer reading list!