Book Bargains for the Holidays

It’s Black Friday… that has such an ominous tone that I huddle in my home avoiding the masses of shoppers pretty much from now through Christmas.  Do I have my shopping done?  About half.  Will I venture into the stores at all?  Of course, but I specialize in the surgical strike.  I know what I want, where to get it, and I’m in and out as fast as possible.  It helps that I live in a fairly small town (less crowds) and that I pretty much make my own schedule (I can hit the stores early in the morning on week days!).  But at this point, I’ll do most of my shopping on-line.

I thought you might like to do that, too, so I’ve cooked up some bargains to help you out with your shopping.

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iPads and Kindles and Nooks, oh my!

With the electronic reader/digital book revolution happening all around us, I’m seeing more and more posts on the many loops I’m on about whether to buy a Kindle or a Nook or an iPad.  Sometimes a Sony owner will pop up and espouse the wonders of that e-reader, too.  With so many choices, there’s no wonder people are unsure of which direction to go in. 

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a dedicated Kindle owner.  My Kindle is my favorite entertainment gadget since TiVo hit the market.  My daughter has my “old” Kindle 2.  My mother-in-law bought herself a wi-fi Kindle 3 this past summer after listening to me wax poetic about the joys of e-books for a year.  I bought myself the wi-fi/3G Kindle 3 about the same time.  I’m a pusher.  I’ve raved about it in coffee shops and on airplanes to anyone who asks.  Seriously, I should get a commission from Amazon.  For me the decision was made a couple of years ago and I see no reason to change, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wonder about those other seductive e-reader options.  A girl can dream.

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Backlist Books Now in eBook Formats

Charming the Shrew: Book I of The MacLeods

Available for the first time in ebook formats for only $2.99.

From award-winning author Laurin Wittig comes a captivating story filled with the passion, intrigue and magic of historical Scotland — where Catriona MacLeod, a sharp-tongued beauty, meets her match in a disguised Tayg Munro, fabled warrior of the king, and the man who vows to tame her with the power of his love. Passion flames as they fight to save their king, their country and their clans.

Daring the Highlander: Book II of The MacLeods, now available!

Charming the Shrew is available at:  Kindle/Amazon    Kindle/Amazon.UK  
Coming soon to Barnes & Noble, Sony, iBooks, and other ebook sellers.

All ebook formats available now at Smashwords!

♥♥♥  AND  ♥♥♥

The Devil of Kilmartin

Available in ebook formats for only $2.99.

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