Complete Book List

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Complete Booklist as of January, 2016



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Kilmartin Glen series:

  • The Devil of Kilmartin – A Kilmartin Glen novel (2002)
  • MacAlister’s Hope in The Winter Stone anthology with Tanya Anne Crosby’s & Glynnis Campbell’s novellas (April, 2014)
  • MacAlister’s Hope – a Kilmartin Glen novella (stand alone novella) (October, 2014)

The Legacy of MacLeod series:

  • Charming the Shrew (2004)
  • Daring the Highlander (2005)

Guardians of the Targe series:

  • Highlander Betrayed (August, 2013)
  • Highlander Avenged (June, 2014)
  • Highlander Redeemed (May, 2015)

Anthologies & Boxed Sets:

  • Jewels of Historical Romance (February, 2013) Always FREE!
    A collection of favorite scenes from 12 bestselling authors. 2nd Edition includes 1 new author and other new samples, including Laurin Wittig’s selection (2015)
  • Five Unforgettable Knights (September, 2013 – January, 2014) 5 complete medieval novels from 5 bestselling authors: Tanya Anne Crosby, Clair Delacroix, Colleen Gleason, Glynnis Campbell, & Laurin Wittig. Offered for a limited time only.
  • The Winter Stone (April, 2014)
    Three Scottish novellas, one ancient legend. With authors Tanya Anne Crosby and Glynnis Campbell
    includes MacAlister’s Hope, a Kilmartin Glen novella by Laurin Wittig
  • Fabulous Firsts (December, 2014) 11 complete novels from 11 beloved authors of historical romance: the Jewels of Historical Romance. Each book is the first in a series. 2nd Edition – 12 authors, and 2 new books. Both editions include The Devil of Kilmartin, a Kilmartin Glen novel.
  • A Little Highland Romance | 5 Scottish medieval novellas from 5 bestselling authors. (Jan, 2016) Includes MacAlister’s Hope, a Kilmartin Glen novella


Charming the Shrew (The Legacy of MacLeod I):

  • Russian: No idea what the title is… (2005)
  • German: Im Herzen des Hochlands (2007)
  • German: Retter in Dunkler Nacht (2009)
  • German: Rettung der Highlanderin (2013 – paperback and first digital edition)

Daring the Highlander (The Legacy of MacLeod II):

  • German: Die Feuerprobe des Highlanders (February, 2014 – first paperback and digital editions)

The Devil of Kilmartin:

  • German: Die Heilerin von Lamont (June, 2014 – first translation of this book!)
  • French: Le Diable de Kilmartin (Aug 2015)

Highlander Betrayed (Guardians of the Targe book 1):

  • German: Verrat in den Highlands,  (Sept 2014)