Highlander Redeemed, Guardians of the Targe 3
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Highlander Redeemed

Guardians of the Targe, Book III

Scotia MacAlpin may be only eighteen years old, but she’s no stranger to trouble. Her latest incident—which resulted in a death and forced her clan into battle—has made her an outcast among her exiled people. Scotia is tired of being ignored and overshadowed by her sister, a gifted Guardian of the Targe, and she’s become hell-bent on destroying the army out to capture the ancient Highland relic for their English king.

Duncan of Dunlairig has looked out for Scotia since she started to walk. She was as restless and reckless then as she is now—only the stakes have become higher and more perilous. While the rest of Clan MacAlpin ostracizes her, Duncan secretly helps Scotia become the warrior she yearns to be. But the real test of her skills may come when he needs her help—and her long-forgotten heart—in this thrilling and romantic Guardians of the Targe tale.

Bronze triskele smallDouble finalist in the 2016 HOLT Medallion contest in the categories of Best Book by a Virginia Author and Historical Romance!


I consider Lauren Witting one of the best authors writing today, and she is a rare treasure. Highlander Redeemed continues Guardians of the Targe series. Open up the book, begin with page one, and escape on an adventure you will not soon forget.

Rhonda K

Amazon Review: 5 Stars

I Hated Scotia MacAlphin the Supposedly heroine of bk.3 Highlander Redeemed. there was noting redeemable about Scotia. I was hoping the English would kill her.

Edwina "I Love books"

Amazon Review: 2 Stars

I kept putting off the reading of this book because I hated Scotia in the first two books. She was willful, stubborn, self-centered, reckless – you name a bad characteristic for a female heroine and she was it. So because I have encountered quite a few annoying heroines lately, I was not looking forward to another one. So I am quite surprised that I ended up rating this book the highest of the series.


Amazon Review: 4 Stars

While not a traditional historic romance, the story is solidly character driven and laden with historic elements, action and conflict that will keep you engaged and hanging on every word. The romance is a gradual one: more real for the steady pacing as both Duncan and Scotia learn to see one another’s hearts and know their true desires, as it should be.


Amazon Review: 5 Stars