The number one request most writers get is to: Write faster! Unfortunately most writers can’t keep up with their readers’ appetites for great books.

So now twelve best-selling authors of historical romances have banded together in the hopes that each of us can help our readers discover other great Jewels authors to keep you in great books between our releases.

Want to know more about the Jewels? 

Our brand new website launched on Valentine’s Day!

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 4.44.41 PMI hope you’ll come visit our new website and meet the Jewels. Plus we’ve got a fun scavenger hunt for you and you could win an iPAD MINI plus 12 of our books! The rules are simple and the hunt should be fun. The contest runs through 3/31/13 but don’t wait! Click on over now!

Want to hang out with the Jewels? Check out our Jewels Salon on Facebook. Virtual tea and treats are served now and then (calorie free!), we’ve talked ball gowns, castles, favorite authors…the conversation is always changing. This is not a place we’re doing a lot of promotion, just gathering to have fun. As soon as we reach 300 members we’ll be holding a ball in the Jewels Salon. We’re all looking forward to choosing and sharing our virtual gowns!

Psst! There’s more! We’ve put together a gorgeous anthology of our favorite scenes: Jewels of Historical Romance. We’ll be officially announcing it soon – we’re just waiting until it is distributed everywhere for the wonderful price of…FREE! It’s currently available at Kobo and Smashwords for FREE. We hope it will be free at other retailers very soon.

I do hope you’ll take a couple of minutes to get to know the Jewels of Historical Romance!