Monday Blues? Let #HighlanderFix Remedy That!The Chief by Monica McCarty
Series: The Highland Guard #1
ISBN: 0345518225
# Pages: 405
Format: Paperback
on March 23rd 2010
William Wallace (Braveheart) has died a horrible death at the hands of England’s King Edward, and Robert Bruce makes the momentous decision to bid for Scotland’s crown. To have a chance at defeating the powerful English knights, Bruce knows he will have to change the way he fights. He decides to form an elite fighting force made up of the best warriors in each discipline of warfare—his own secret guard. Or, in this case, his own secret Highland Guard. He taps Tor “the Chief” MacLeod, hailed as the greatest warrior of his age, to lead and train ten men in “pirate” warfare. But one of the recruits, Arthur Campbell, is forced to leave the group when he fails a challenge.

Although initially reluctant to join a war he perceives as not his own, MacLeod changes his mind when his new bride is threatened and taken prisoner by the English. An attack by MacLeod and the Highland Guard on the English garrison holding her launches the rebellion.

Bruce’s initial forays against the English are successful, and he races to Scone to be crowned king. Actually, he is crowned twice: the second ceremony takes place amongst the ancient and mystical standing stones with the Highland Guard and Isabella MacDuff, the Countess of Buchan, who defies her husband and the most powerful king in Christendom to take her family’s traditional place as the crowner of Scotland’s kings.

This book was suggested by reader Esmé, who believes this book is the “Start of a brilliant series.”

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