I am really amazed and stunned by the wonderful reviews for Highlander Betrayed that are showing up at Amazon. Here’s a quote from one of my favorites:

This book is about more [than] the battles that were like a living entity throughout Scottish history, it’s about more than a man and woman falling in love. It’s about finding your strengths, finding your path and finding the one who was meant to walk it with you. No matter how difficult the path might be. It was an enjoyable read and I can honestly say I am looking forward to the next story in Laurin Wittig’s Guardians of the Targe Series.

Shauni (3 stars)

Highlander Betrayed 80pHere’s another one:

This. Book. Was. Fantastic.

I consider myself a fan of this author and have read all of her previous work. HIGHLANDER BETRAYED is yet another in her long string of spellbinding reads. Laurin Wittig carefully weaves her tales of love and romance into a rich tapestry of adventure, bravery, legend and lore. I just love each and every one of them!

Past Romance (5 stars)

I particularly like the way she starts that one. 🙂

In this age of on-line book retailing one of the best ways readers can help authors is to leave reviews, and they don’t have to be long. A sentence or two is a great review. The algorithms that often determine if a book gets seen easily on a web site weight for number of reviews – and they don’t seem to care if they are 1 stars or 5 stars (you can imagine authors prefer the latter, though). The more reviews the more likely the book is to be seen. So if you are inclined, leave an honest review.

I hope you’re reading some great books this summer!