Charming the Shrew - The Legacy of MacLeod seriesTomorrow, Tuesday, May 29th, is the big day when Charming the Shrew and Daring the Highlander are released in a new paperback edition! As much as I love ebooks, as an author there is something really special about holding my books in my hands.

But beyond my own particular glee at this developement, this also means those of you who don’t own/don’t like/don’t want an ereader can get The Legacy of MacLeod books in your preferred format!

On top of that, I’ve just recently learned that these same two books will be available in audio-book form on August 7, 2012. That’s just a couple of months away!

Whether you like ebooks, paper books, or audio books, The Legacy of MacLeod series is now available (or coming very soon) for you!